A Harsh Reality

Visiting a South African park such as the KNP is not always a pleasant experience.   Although “The Harsh Reality” of nature conservation is unpleasant for everyone and a very cruel way to suffer and die for the victims, it is supposedly actively combated in various ways with and without success.

Our personal opinion are that the unbiased snare methodology is on the increase, fueled by the bush meat and traditional medicine trade on all the SanParks and KNP borders in particular.

These images are the victims we were fortunate (?) enough to see.  They were predominantly in the Northern parts of KNP with Satara camp being the most Southern camp we normally visit.

Has anything been done about any of these casualties?   Yes, they were all reported as soon as possible to whoever would listen.  Unlike the world famous awareness on Rhino poaching and the associated successes a rather unpleasant no, nothing has been done to our knowledge.  Only properly trained vague excuses as to why not that echoes from camp to camp leaving you cold and empty.

We were also pointed out to the fact that the camps are predominantly tourism oriented and snares are the problem of the very elusive nature conservation personnel.  Very difficult to get hold of these guys.

There just do not seem to be a single coherent plan of action actively enforced to combat this difficult reality amongst all stakeholders, management, personnel and even the visitors / tourists for that matter.  The visitors / tourists almost always enthusiastically display or dictate very creatively cruel ways (fueled by emotion) to settle the score with the poachers.  These ideas obviously can not be implemented and does not really help at the end of the day.

There exists only two extreme end on end choices with no other options in between.  The rather non forgiving methodologies or the option of turning a blind eye.

You will find various campaigns or competitions within SanParks for almost anything but never to stop snares.   A very sad state of affairs.