Civilized Carnage

These gruesome images reflect only a fraction of the dead animals we encountered during our stay in the park. These incidents are a daily occurrence all over the park. Reckless speeding, the only reason for this uncalled for carnage of wild life. These animals paid for civilized mankind’s actions with their life. We refer to the animals as wild and beastly and yet they the ones that pay the ultimate price for mankind’s ruthless and unlawful behavior.

The speedtraps that the park use to try and enforce the speed limit works for the first hour as after that everybody has warned everyone which doesn’t help much.

It was apparent during our visits that there are a few culprits that almost everytime make themselves guilty of speeding. We can almost guarantee the following trespassing identities.

The South African Police and defence force almost never adhere to any speed limit whatsoever. They race through the park at breakneck speeds with their official vehicles and huge trucks for apparently no reason at all.

The delivery vehicles are next in line. It is clear that they need to visit various camps per day between gate times. Same reason you will find them amongst the Kruger idiots videos. These people seem to be forced to speed through the park by the Parksboard alliances.

In the North the cross border traffic are responsible for almost all the incidents. There are mainly two reasons for this. Speeding and vehicles that is hugely overloaded or not even close to being roadworthy.

The gamedrive vehicles are next in line and also guilty of this behavior. They have the Big 5 crazy tourists to satisfy in a limited time. Two way radios communicating sightings and then speeding towards these sightings seems to be standard procedure.

The daily tourist. Normally what we have witnessed is that these people apart from the rare deliberate speeding by an individual they almost always do not watch where they are going. Everybody’s eyes are in the veld searching for animals and not watching out in front of them for animals crossing the road. Accidental mistake on the tourists side, fatal mistake on the animals side.

We will update this page on a regular basis.